Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Mum, Dad, you seem a bit -- distant

The city that never hugs?

Singapore's scientists work relentlessly on improvements for mankind. They never sleep.

At least that's the only explanation I could find for the news that Nanyang Technological University (NTU) have come up with an electronic pyjama that enables parents to hug their child from a distance. NTU thinks it might be a good idea for working parents to use the internet and have their kids wear a computer controlled suit that can simulate hugs by adjusting changes in pressure and temperature, instead of coming home. They even suggest that parents can wear a similar suit so their kids can hug them back.

A glimpse of the future? More like a glimpse of future psychopaths, if you ask me. NTU scientists should go home, hug their children and get some sleep.

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Stephan Verveen said...

Jos, I just found out about your blog via PPM and I am happy I did.

Your RSS feed must be very popular because there is nothing left for me :-(...

Blogger has a simple feature to publish RSS, turn it on and let a thousand readers subscribe...