Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Of course we have ways to make you participate in our survey

Shame on you, United States: China has just issued an official methodology for collecting e-commerce statistics, claiming to be the first country to do so.

The methods have first been put to use in the 2004-2005 China E-Commerce Report, a survey that covers 6 industry sectors across all of China's 31 provinces. Being the first major country where such a reporting standard is implemented may sound impressive, although China probably has a better starting position than others in enforcing compliance.

Still, it's a major achievement and an example that deserves following. Both the report and the claim come on the back of recent reports that the number of Chinese internet users has surpassed that of the US, possibly even by 50 million.

Should the United States start to worry? Only when the Chinese come up with an equivalent of Silicon Valley as well, I guess. Forbidden Silicon City, perhaps?

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