Sunday, April 09, 2006

Web karaoke: China takes the lead in a new trend

Looking back, you wonder why this took so long. All the ingedients were there: Asia is the home of karaoke, the art of lip synching in front of a private audience and a TV playing sound tracks; and then there was the aftermath of the Tammy NYP affair that showed that even Singaporean youths are not afraid to put their most intimate moments on video and on the web.

So here's our next Big Trend: combining karaoke with a web cam.

Cute indeed. And quite a bit more innocent than posting sex videos, one could say.

As an added bonus, the Back Dormitory Boys, as they are known now, show that you can become a celebrity in the process, not only with dedicated fan sites but even with your own TV show.

Watch this space, we'll see more of this trend.

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