Monday, March 13, 2006

When will they ever learn?

Yesterday this blog mentioned the increasingly popular Demolish-Your-Own-Privacy soap series.

That was meant as a joke, people! But like so often in these gadget-rich times, reality overtakes imagination. You'd think the Tammy affair would've been a warning signal to teens with videophones. And to many it probably was. Indeed, an increasing number of Singaporeans is showing signs of worry about pictures circulating in cyber space, even ones taken surreptitiously by passers-by.

So it's interesting to see that a warning signal to many is a follow-me signal for others: the Tammy video has drawn out quite a number of wannabes who think it's cool to make sex videos of yourself, and share them with others. The Straits Times reports at least seven of them, circulating on the web, on file sharing services like, or on peer-to-peer networks like

There's even a naming convention: the kinky thing to do seems to be naming the video after the location where it was filmed (surreptitiously, no doubt - after all this is still Singapore). Fo avid searchers: the most popular ones out there are Bukit Batok and Airport. (No, not the 1975 movie.)

To each his own, as they say. But it puts yesterday's M1 WebCam value Plus ad in an even shriller light...

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