Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Lust Pigs beware: Big Brother's on his way

The cat's not completely out of the bag yet, but the judge has announced to open it just a little.

That, at least, can be concluded from US District Judge's James Ware's announcement that he intends to give the US Justice Department access to a sample of Google's search records.

The Judge's upcoming decision is driven by the fact that the Feds have finally asked someone with a freshman's course in statistics, finding out that 10,000 URLs and 1,000 search queries would do just as fine as the initially requested 1 million of each.

But an important bridge is being crossed. The Justice Department wants the data to illustrate what everybody already knows: huge numbers of people use search engines to find naughty pictures. I can't help wondering what's going to happen when all these people find out their searches are being recorded.

Fact is, a big majority has no idea they're being watched while happily trolling for porn. Chances are, the publicity around Google's handing over data to the Federal Government will let that cat out as well, causing a major privacy backlash.

Google better start preparing their damage control plan for when that happens.

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