Monday, March 06, 2006

Boxcar for Best Sound: And The Winner Is Honda

Listening to Oscar Night, you realize how good Hollywood is at promoting its own work.

Makes you wish the TV Commercial industry had a similar event. Every year enormous amounts of talent, resources and money are poured into tiny films, anywhere between a couple of seconds and a couple of minutes in length, and exclusively destined for the flickering box.

So here they are: the Boxcars.

And please allow me to kick off with this year's winner for Best Achievement in Sound:
The Honda Civic Choir commercial

Too many car ads stick to the all too familiar pattern of wide shots of cars driving on winding roads, accompanied by pompous muzak and a baritone voice over. This commercial makes a difference in more ways than can be summed up in the traditional 45" Boxcar acceptance speech. Let me just point you to the Making Of video on Honda's special site for this commercial.

Thanks Honda, for showing us that there are so much better ways to tell the message!

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