Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Birth of a new advertising medium

Of course this was unavoidable. Google Earth makes viewing the Earth's surface from above so easy that it becomes an advertising medium.

Only the scale of this (75-by-110ft) is a bit disappointing. C'mon guys - you Americans can do better than this. I'm thinking a few square miles of coloured sand in the Nevada Desert here - in the shape of a roulette wheel, of course.

The Emirates pioneered the idea, with the Palm Islands. Who follows? Giant Olympic Rings circling the mountain tops around the Great Wall?

Plus, we need a descriptor. Earthboards? Adscapes? We're open for suggestions.

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Jonathan Lyle said...

Privet, Jos! Well...HERE'S a voice from your CCI/GBM past. I had a question come up regarding bowling centers (keglebaums) in Europe, and you immediately popped to mind as a European Bowling Center guru I could contact. And here I discover you're now in Singapore. Dang. But! It was great to discover how many search engine listings there are for you! Kind regards, Jonathan (