Monday, May 01, 2006

QR codes conquering Asia by accident?

QR codes are continuing their progress through Asia. Japan has been converted for a while, and recently Taiwan got added to the response efficiency crowd.

Some additions happen by accident, it seems: Vodaphone just introduced a QR capable phone in the Philippines. It looks like an accidental launch, however, since it's one of Toshiba's Japanese phones, with QR readiness buried deep in the mostly Japanese-language manual.

But Philippino marketers, don't be deterred by this: you've got the tools now, so starting using them!


Jack Voogt said...

De blog "QR codes conquering Asia by accident?" bevat loze links: page not found.

Planet Multimedia eDo's and don'ts over je bezoek aan Myanmar gelezen.
Opmerkelijk dat je Thuraya's mobieltjes die zowel GSM als satelliet aankunnen niet kent ?

In beide bovenstaande gevallen: slechte marketing Jos !

streetstylz said...

NeoMedia’s mobile code reading platform qode is making tremendous strides in Europe as well as here in North America. With a great showing at CTIA, tremendous media coverage from the New York Times, and their involvement with the Mobile Codes Consortium, qode is on its way to becoming the code-agnostic universal reader with its soon to be released upgrade version capable of reading UPC, Aztec, Datamatrix, and QR codes.