Sunday, April 11, 2010

Engrish or English?

Plenty are the jokes about the Asian pronunciation problems with the difference between 'l' and 'r'. Entire websites are devoted to silliness caused by errant Rs. So it's refreshing to see someone's found a workaround. After all, we all know the Customer is King, so is there really any difference between a Loyalty Program and a Royalty Program?

Kudos to The Coffee Club for finding an elegant solution. (picture: The Coffee Club Holland Village, Singapore)

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Matthias said...

haha.. I don't think its Engrish- inspired. They probably did mean Royalty.

Unlike other Asian countries like Japan that have English as a 2nd language, English is our First Language in all schools here. Although we speak it with an accent odd to many a foreigner, most Singaporean have a good intuitive grasp of the language, since we speak it at home from our formative years.