Friday, October 21, 2005

Blogs? No I don't do those any more. The splogging got too bad

Here you are, a proud blogger. You diligently create your posts and lo and behold, hardly have you posted them or the comments come pouring in (see 'Death by Blog'). They even say nice things like "Your blog is the best I've seen so far," although the commenter doesn't mean it. How do I know that? The connection to online loans, cheap viagra and poker games are a giveaway, I s'pose.

Interesting to see how especially Google is targeted by the sploggers. Google is truly becoming the new Microsoft. Innovative leeches no longer target Windows or MS IE; they now go for Google's products. How long before we receive our Google patches every second Wednesday of the month?

UPDATE: no need to look up previous posts. (I deleted most of 'em anyway.) Just open the comments to this one...


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