Wednesday, October 26, 2005

We fired our workers. They got too clever

Adage has discovered that everyone's reading blogs nowadays. Probably tagged onto it since Neil French's public execution the other week (see 'Death by Blog')

So on a rainy New York afternoon an intern at the editor's office jots down a few calculations on the back of a beermat and comes up with 551,000 lost man-years.

Why do I get deja vus when I read page fillers like these? A few years ago somebody realized that email had become an indisposable communications tool and presto! came up with a calculation that the world was about to implode because a million man-years were being 'lost' doing email.

Informed workers are more productive workers. Of course a balance has to be found between doing work and reading up. Give it another year or two. Has anyone read any recent articles about how much time is being wasted on email?

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