Friday, October 21, 2005

'Death by blog'

Blogs are good. Politically correct is bad. Neither one was much help to WPP's now-ex Creative Director Worldwide Neil French, who used his speech at an industry get-together to reinforce his reputation for being outspoken, opinionated, and as politically incorrect as they get.

Interestingly, French's reputation is widely known so no-one present at the event was very surprised. Although one has to admit that you rarely hear a speaker referring to women in the workplace as 'babes', bitches', or 'slacker-breeders' who always disappear 'to go suckle something' before they achieve anything of significance.

So what did Neil in? According to himself in an interview with AdAge, 'death by blog.'

He should've known. Advertising executives may not be front-runners, but they are early adapters. In an audience of several hundred of them, there are inevitably dozens of bloggers. I bet there were quite a few unamused 'slacker-breeders' among those...

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