Friday, October 21, 2005

Dinner tables in our coffee shop? Yeah, needed them to accommodate the laptops

Sitting in a local Dunn Bros. Coffee Shop in suburban St Paul, Minnesota. Great connection but no elbow room. The reason? I'm surrounded by gigantic PowerBooks and Qosmios. Laptops are getting bigger, people seem to want the screen real estate.

Personally I don't think screens can become big enough. In the office I use a desktop with an nVidia graphics card driving two 19in screens with the desktop stretched across both. Works great for research and publishing work, I find myself missing it on the road.

Wonder when someone will come up with a dual screen laptop. Shouldn't be that difficult - twin lids, top and bottom. Screens have built-in little stands to prop them up. Connected to main unit with a small extendable cable, or preferably even wireless although I think that wouldn't support enough bandwidth.

Qosmio H50, Toshiba? PowerBook Duo, Steve? Come on guys, show a little creativity!

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