Monday, October 24, 2005

First episode of 'CSI: Silicon Valley' written long ago

It's one of those newspaper articles where you first check the date (April 1st? No.), then the publication (Washington Post? Erm, OK.), then the article itself again. Printouts going back at least a decade contain secret codes, beknownst only to US law enforcement agencies. Xerox, HP, and all the other major printer manufacturers are in on it. The general public isn't. Until last Wednesday, that is.

It seems even law enforcement agencies outside the US were clueless. Conclusion: between the domain extension system, the printer codes, and the databases of credit card companies and major airlines, the US Government rules cyberspace. With the exclusion of all others. Some would call this world domination.

And they searched my luggage, too. The difference with the above is, they left a note. Polite world domination, then.

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