Monday, October 24, 2005

Online around the world, cont'd

10. Minneapolis Airport: wireless network, a local affair by something called 'Concourse Communications.' After 3 days in Minnesota, I'm surprised it isn't something called 'Viking Networks' or 'Taste of Scandinavia.' Fortunately they have a partnership with T-Mobile so I don't have to take out a new account. The Red Carpet Lounge - like all Red Carpet Lounges - has no wireless access of its own. Concourse reaches into the lounge but only barely. Result: a slow and fragile connection, completely in synch with the Red Carpet Lounge experience.
11. Denver Airport: apparently T-Mobile has got the US airports covered. Brand new terminal, brand new wireless network, brand new Red Carpet Lounge. This time the network covers the lounge as well. Probably because all three were built at the same time.
12. Los Angeles Airport, Tom Bradley International Terminal: checking in for the looong (18hrs) Singapore Airlines flight home. SIA has a small lounge here but it has its own wireless access - as all SIA lounges across the world have, without exception. Take that, United! Lounge wireless is a small local affair by a company called Neptune Networks. Couldn't get it to work at first but after the Singapore Girl rebooted the Singapore Server, access was a breeze.
13. Flight SQ 19 from LAX to Singapore: pity that the Airbus 340-500 that drives us all the way to the Merlion City still doesn't have the internet access that SIA has promised to roll out across the entire fleet. Ah well, 20hrs without internet still causes only minor withdrawal symptoms.

Next instalment, Asia.

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