Sunday, February 19, 2006

Beijing's first Specialty Penis Restaurant

China's Powers That Be may be picky as far as the menu of words that may be used in public is concerned; but on restaurant menus anything goes.

A horse's penis, scorpions or beetles on a stick, ox testicles, you name it, restaurants or even street vendors will serve it. Still, a restaurant completely specializing in penis is a novelty.

Guolizhuang, located on Beijing's elegant West Lake, brings together every known dish containing either an animal's penis, its testicals, or both. For prices starting at RMB200 ($25) you can savour specialities like "Head crowned with a Jade Bracelet" (from Xinjiang horses) or "Dragon in the Flame of Desire" (yak). The top dish, Canadian Seal Penis, requires ordering in advance. Be prepared to shell out RMB3,000.

In China, you are what you eat, they say. Wonder what that makes the restaurant's patrons?