Monday, February 06, 2006

Strong US demand for 'no reefer' signs

Amsterdam is famous for quite a few things, and one of these is its tolerance for smoking marijuana.

Let me put it this way: the word 'coffee shop' has a completely different meaning in the Dutch capital, as many a tourist has found out. But even the famous Dutch tolerance has its limits, and so it happened that the Amsterdam neighbourhood council of De Baarsjes decided to ban toking around its centrally located Mercator Square. To this end a special street sign was designed and signposts were placed around the square.

Predictably, these were stolen before you could say the word 'reefer'. Understandably De Baarsjes got tired of this. But what to do?

If you can't beat'em, sell to them, they must have thought, and soon the idea was born to offer the popular signs for sale on the council's website.

And guess what? Overwhelming demand, three quarters of which turned out to come from the US. All ye Americans who crave reefer-free lawns: 90 Euros is around $110, but be prepared for a long waiting list.

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