Sunday, February 12, 2006

Minimal interface design: the All-Time Winner

Google has become famous by offering a minimal, really simple search interface. Apple's iPod also thanks its market dominance to its minimal design.

This is a trend: there's definitely a growing market out there for gadgets and services that offer a simple, uncluttered interface, serving a single purpose.

Time to dig up an appliance that offers the most simple interface thinkable: the Ambient Orb. It's a simple orb, lighted from the inside. It can glow in any colour across the spectrum. You link the globe to an indicator, maybe the Dow Jones index, or the weather, or whether someone you know is on Skype or GoogleTalk. The Ambient Orb can show only one index. Just link it up and it will glow according to that single purpose.

For design minimalists: it's still available at Steve Jobs, eat your heart out.

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