Monday, February 06, 2006

Web 1.0 to co-exist with Web 2.0

Good catch for Goodmail Systems, an email certification provider; a bad day for the Internet. Today two of the largest email providers in the world, AOL and Yahoo, announced they will start using a system for preferential treatment of email. AOL also announced its intended provider, which is to be Goodmail. Yahoo apparently wasn't ready yet to announce a choice.

This announcement comes at a time when telcos like AT&T and BellSouth are mulling a two-tier Internet, transmitting their own download and streaming services faster than those of others.

AOL and Yahoo's move to two-tier email will undoubtedly strengthen the telcos' case. Are the days of net neutrality over? A bit early to tell. AOL and Yahoo position their move as an anti-spam and anti-phishing service, directed at large-scale senders of mission-critical email. Think order confirmations and invoices. Likewise, the telcos' musings so far have only taken the form of fishing expeditions.

Will the past ten years go down in history as the Golden Decade, never to be seen again? To be continued.

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