Monday, January 30, 2006

It's about time

Did you ever realize? Someone asks you the time, you look at your wrist and answer. But the answer you give is never precisely what you see. It's always "five o'clock", or "a bit past five". Unless you're German or otherwise anally focused, of course.

Design company Talus have finally come up with a watch design that tells you the time exactly like you tell others. This is a really cool idea.

Of course, given the current comeback of mechanical timepieces, a version powered by a mechanical high-end movement would be even cooler. IWC, Ulysse Nardin, where are you?

UPDATE: For our more anal readers, not to worry: by clicking the crown the watch toggles between 'about time' and exact time, showing hours, minutes and seconds (Thanks Norman for pointing out the omission.)


Norman said...

So you mean that it is more useful to not be able to tell the time exactly and make appointments in the range of almost 10 o'clock. The airplane companies will be very thankful to know that you will take the plane at somewhere around two thirty.

Jos. said...

Hehe- good point Norman!

But I've got bad news for the airlines: the watch has also a setting in which it tells the time precisely.

Thanks for the comment, I realize I should've mentioned that!