Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Let's go to the movies. My phone or yours?

Sistic, Singapore's largest ticketing agent, announced today the start of ticket sales through mobile phones.

"M-tickets", as they are to be called, will be sent via picture messages (MMS) to the buyer's phone. The MMS will show a QR code. The phone can then be held in front of an image scanner at the theater's entrance. Receiving by email and holding up the printout will also be possible.

Nice 'reverse use' of QR codes, eliminating the need of special reader software in people's phones, since only the theatre's scanners need the software now. Sistic intends to roll out a more comprehensive QR based solution with QR codes on ads, posters, flyers or even flashed on TV commercials, by the time phones with QR reader software are commonplace in Singapore.

The article below the illustration explains to the ever-wary Singaporean public that QR coupons are actually more secure than paper ones, which can be copied or reprinted.

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