Thursday, January 12, 2006

Tech Cool is on its way

2006 is going to be the year of Tech Cool. If you were in doubt, here is the third pillar under the tech throne: after tech celebrities and tech bling, here is tech fashion.

Forget about things like the Scott eVest (motto: "SeV designs functional and fashionable clothing that's so dorky that it's worn by the Secret Service.") or wearable gadgets that make you look like a Borg. No, I'm talking about the TuneBuckle (motto: "iPod Nano meets low rider") and Levi's newly announced iPod-ready jeans, promising us a virtually invisible Nano docking cradle plus a joystick in the key pocket.

Tip for Steve Jobs: make iPod Nanos QR code compatible. Ticket collectors in Singapore and other tech-savvy places will be extremely grateful. Who wouldn't want to hold a scanner in front of a TuneBuckle?

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