Sunday, January 15, 2006

They said that about SMS too...

Remember how SMS started? It was only meant to be used by the providers alone, enabling them to send system service messages to users. But soon the users themselves got hold of it, and next thing you know the worldwide number of messages sent annually approaches 1 trillion.

So when I see an increasing number of countries introducing GSM Cell Broadcast (CB), I have mixed feelings. And apparently I'm not the only one. Main question is, will the use of this one-to-many messaging system remain in the hands of network providers, or end up being abused in the way email fell victim to spam?

The Netherlands is the first country to implement the system, with a pilot already underway (in Zoetermeer, of course. It had to there or Apeldoorn) and national coverage expected by the end of 2006. Singapore, which pioneered CB during the 1999 edition of CommunicAsia, is now considering the idea as well (Straits Times, paid access).

Soon coming to a phone near you. Watch your screen.


Lisa said...

Thanks to the provisions of the pending Spam Control Bill in Singapore, we're starting to see properly privacy-compliant SMS here. In fact, I just received the first one with an unsubscribe option - and from Citibank no less!


OORANOS said...

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